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1 YEAR Limited Warranty - Models 501/551/601/626/651/652 rolling doors U. S. Door & Building Components (henceforth referred to as U.S.Door), hereby warrants Models 501,551,601,626,651,652 rolling door(s) to the original purchaser against defects in materials and workmanship including cracking, splitting, delamination, warping, and deterioration for a period of ONE(1) year from the date of purchase, subject to the terms and conditions hereinafter contained. In the event the Models 501,551,601,626,651,652 doors are or become defective, a claim must be submitted in writing to U.S.Door at the address listed below. Such notice must be made within fifteen (15) days of the alleged defect and such notice shall indicate the nature of the aforementioned defect. Upon notification, U.S.Door shall be permitted to inspect the door within a reasonable period of time, as deemed reasonable by U.S.Door. In the event of a defective door, U.S.Door will either repair or replace (at their own discretion) the defective door U.S.Door will assume the responsibility of repair and/or replacement of the door proven to be defective, but will not be responsible for labor, freight, or special handling charges that may be associated with repair or replacement. All shipments will be made FOB the nearest factory or manufacturer of the respective product. This warranty applies only to the U.S.Door Models 501,551,601,626,651,652 and excludes: (1) component parts that have been damaged by accident or improper usage, (2) component parts that have been subject to negligent operation, (3) glass or lite frames, (4) damage caused by exposure to corrosive fumes, condensation, or fire, (5) improper installation or maintenance, (6) performance of coatings used to finish the doors, (7) damage resulting from those causes which are beyond the manufacturer's control. U.S.Door shall not be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages arising out of any breach of this Express Limited Warranty, including, but not limited to, any damages to structures or other property, or injury sustained by any persons whomsoever, or the recovery of any direct or indirect costs such as shipping, installation labor charges, paint or painting, or other building materials. Some states do not allow limitations of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply. U.S.Door agents, employees, representatives, inspectors, etc. are not authorized to change this Warranty in any way or to grant any other warranty. This Warranty is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied. Some states do not allow limitations on unwarranted parts, so this limitation does not apply to all customers. This Warranty gives customers specific legal rights. Other rights vary from state to state. All claims under this Warranty shall require proof of purchase. All claims should be addressed to: U.S. Door & Building Components . 10407 Rocket Blvd . Orlando, Florida 32824

Returned Merchandise:

A Return Authorization Number must be obtained in advance and labeled on the outside of the package. Returns are subject to a 20% restocking charge unless the error is ours. Non-returnable items include: all Special Order Items(all our doors are custom made and are therfore special order items). Returned Merchandise must be complete, unused and in its original packaging, No returns after 60 days. Return shipping must be prepaid and a copy of the original invoice, packing slip or a letter with your name and address included.

All items should be returned to the following depots:

10407 Rocket Blvd, Orlando, FL 32824.

1720 West Broadway Rd, Mesa, AZ 85202.

Call 1-352-243-0180


Manufacturers Warranty Rollups One Year

Defective Merchandise Roll-Up Doors Direct will issue credit for merchandise found to be defective due to quality or manufacturing defects. No credit will be given for merchandise damaged due to improper handling or storage. An authorized Roll-Up Doors Direct representative must inspect the damaged merchandise and write a request for credit. All credits will be issued by Roll-Up Doors Direct. Deductions are not allowed.

Missing/Broken Parts When a door is received with missing o broken parts, and you carry Roll-Up Doors Direct spare parts, you can replace the parts; Roll-Up Doors Direct will issue a credit for the part. If you do not carry Roll-Up Doors Direct spare arts, Roll-Up Doors Direct will replace the part or issue a credit at our option.

Roll-Up Doors Direct Truck When merchandise is delivered with obvious damages, you should refuse the damaged item(s) and note on the freight bill, bill of lading, or contract when delivered by Roll-Up Doors Direct truck. Re-order the item through normal channels. If the damaged item is for a specific job and cannot wait for normal stocking order, call the plant where shipment originated and arrange for an expedited shipment.

Common Carrier Do not accept merchandise with evident visible damage. When the carrier attempts delivery, contact the plant traffic department for specific instructions. At the time of delivery, note the number of cartons or pieces refused due to damage on the freight bill. In the event an entire shipment is refused, notify the Roll-Up Doors Direct plant immediately. Roll-Up Doors Direct will then deal directly with the truck line. Keep copies of the freight bill showing the number of cartons or pieces refused.

The plant will file a claim with the carrier.

You should pay the invoice less the damaged and refused. Send a copy of the freight bill showing the items damaged or refused along with your check. Re-order damaged items through normal channels.

Carrier Does Not Allow Partial Refusal In the event that the carrier does not allow partial refusal of a shipment, the entire shipment should be accepted and the number of damaged cartons or pieces noted on the freight bill at the time of delivery. It will be necessary for you to have available a copy of this freight bill noted with number of cartons or pieces received damaged.

You must hold the damaged goods for the carrier’s disposition. This includes inspection by the carrier and the carrier’s right to salvage when the claim is filled.

As soon as possible, you must notify the Roll-Up Doors Direct plant where shipment originated with the invoice number, shipping number, carrier name and pro number. Roll-Up Doors Direct will file the claim with the carrier.

Concealed Damages In the event of concealed damages you must notify Roll-Up Doors Direct and the delivering carrier within 15 days of the delivery.

The carrier will generally ask the value of the damaged goods and make a decision as to whether an inspection will be made or waived. If an inspection is made, a copy of the carrier’s inspection report must be available to submit to Roll-Up Doors Direct with the freight bill. In the event inspection is waived by the carrier, the name of the carrier’s employee waiving the inspection must be recorded. You should notify the Roll-Up Door Direct plant, where the shipment originated, as soon as possible with the invoice number, shipping number, carrier name and pro number.

The plant will file the claim with the carrier upon receipt of all necessary information as outlined above. Credit for the merchandise will be issued upon receipt of the carrier acceptance of the claim. Roll-up Doors Direct cannot file a claim for concealed damages if the carrier was not notified within 15 days of delivery.

Change Orders, Cancellations & Returned Goods Roll-Up Doors direct will not accept liability for any changed or cancelled in-process orders or any orders changed or cancelled after they have been produced. Roll-Up Doors direct will charge a $50 net handling fee plus material and labor costs incurred by Roll-Up Doors Direct for any in-process orders changed or cancelled or any orders changed or cancelled after the have been produced.

Labor Charges Under no circumstances will Roll-Up Doors Direct assume liability or responsibility for any labor charges.

Roll Up Doors Direct 1-352-243-0180

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